Members Earning Three or More Education Awards for District 84

For the current Toastmasters year

Jessup, Rauha I.6CC, CL, ALB, CC, CL, ALB
McGilton, Rebecca Ann4ALB, LDREXC, CC, CL
Steadman, Roxie J.4LDREXC, CC, CL, CC
Wagner, Patricia Ann4DTM, CL, ALS, CL
Fawthrop, James P.3LDREXC, ALS, DTM
Fyffe, James R.3ACG, ALS, DTM
Hoar, Richard Jules3DTM, ALS, CC
Keller, Scott T.3LDREXC, DTM, ALS
Morgan, Steven S.3CC, CL, ALB
Simons, Chi K.3DTM, ALS, ACG
Smith, Jerry W.3ACS, CC, CC
Wills, Terry3CL, ALB, ACS
12 members earning three or more education awards found

Members earning multiple identical awards in same club

Additional identical awards in the same club do not count in the Distinguished programs

5589640Blue, JamesCL2
1 members earning multiple identical awards in the same club