Report Explanations and Details

Annual reports

District directory

Please note that all data in the district directory was current as of July, the start of the year. Goals may have changed after that.

Hall of fame

"Almost" distinguished clubs

Clubs that are almost distinguished, lacking just one DCP goal, or some members, are listed here. Remember that a club must have at least 20 paid members reported to WHQ on June 30, OR a net growth of 5 paid members over the July 1 start of year membership base, to qualify for the Distinguished Club Program.

DCP report

For each club, the number of paid members and DCP goals are shown for the current date, as well as similar dates over the last 3 years, enabling easy "year to date" progress comparisons with the past. When the paid members or DCP goals are significantly above or below the historical average, these are highlighted in green or red.

Totals are also listed by area and by division, though these may not be directly comparable to historical numbers due to district realignments.

Clubs that aren't in the current district alignment (typically due to closing) are grouped under the "ZZZ" section at the bottom.

Area to-do's

The district's goals (the four critical success factors) are listed at the top, with how many more are needed, how many are already recorded, and the goal.

Each division is reported with what they have to do to be distinguished (which is fairly simple, just how many additional areas need to be distinguished.

Each area is listed with what it needs to do to be distinguished by June 30. Any clubs that are almost distinguished are also listed, those with 4 DCP goals, and those with 5+ DCP goals but short on the membership requirement.

During the fall and spring club visit season, clubs that have not yet had visits reported are listed. Also, any clubs that need a club coach assigned (12 or less members, no coach currently assigned) are listed.

Education triple crown

This is a listing of all members who have earned at least three education awards in the current year, starting with those who have earned the most. This may be across multiple clubs, so their club is not listed.

Performance graphs

The first large graph shows how each division is doing in meeting the district's critical success factors. The district goals are pro-rated to each division based on the number of clubs in the division. An average of the four goals is shown with the black bar, to compare how the divisions are doing.

The next four graphs show each critical success factor over the year to date, and also the performance for the previous four years, to enable easy comparison to history. Note that the last month for the current year is usually partial, and will increase as the month goes on. The paid clubs shows no current-year data until the October dues are recorded.

The next three graphs show the important success factors similarly. Distinguished clubs and areas show no data until the April dues are recorded (a club cannot be distinguished until the April dues are paid, meeting the end-of-year membership requirement).

The last graph shows the number of distinguished points that the district has earned, used for ranking the districts. Similarly, these are blank until April or May.

Division Governor dashboard

This provides a concise summary of important metrics for each Division Governor. At the bottom of each division's table is the total, plus the total of the DCP goals for clubs in the division, and the total of the DAP (area) goals for each division. The columns list:

Member sponsor report

This analyzes the published list of member sponsors by district (which includes anyone who has sponsored at least three new members in the year to date), listing who has sponsored the most new members for each month. This is used by some districts for recognition purposes. At the end is another list of who has sponsored the most members for the entire year. A member may be sponsoring new members in more than one club; those are added together here.

Daily reports

Weekly reports

Throughout this report, notations like "30 of 31" indicates that out of a goal of 31, 30 have been achieved. For example, when you see "5 of 3" under the AC heading, that means that 5 ACs have been earned against a distinguished goal of 3 ACs.